Learning to drive and obtaining a Manual or Automatic Car Driver’s Licence in Bankstown often seems like a difficult task for young learner drivers. We offer a wide range of driving courses in Bankstown and we have a methodical approach of familiarizing our students with driving test criteria and all potential risks associated with driving.

At Be Taught Driving School, we are “RESULTS” focused, friendly, reliable and highly experienced driving instructors who have great communication skills. We will convey all necessary safe driving techniques to our learners effectively. Our main emphasis is safety, customers’ satisfaction and great driving test results.

Duration of our individual Driving Lessons ranges from 45 minutes to 180 minutes. We can help you prepare for a driving assessment at your preferred Metropolitan Licencing Centre and guide you how to find a suitable booking date and time. Be Taught Driving School offers highly efficient Intensive Driving Courses suitable for all levels, beginners & advanced. Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.


#1 Driving School in Sydney, NSW

Book affordable driving lessons Sydney from Be Taught Driving School where focus is towards the best learning for the candidate. Our driving school in Sydney picks the best driving instructors to train the students in such a way that they pass the test immediately.

They get the driving license at once after taking training in our school. You can’t become an expert in driving until you know all the driving rules and regulations. Our driving school in Sydney teach you the basics and advanced lessons of driving.

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Car Driving Instructions for New Drivers and Learners

All individuals learning the fundamentals of automobile driving should keep in mind that accepting ideas and suggestions is the first step toward safe and responsible driving. The following collection of guidelines will assist you in increasing the efficiency of your driver profile while also increasing the confidence of others in your driving abilities.

Getting into a Car for the First Time

The first and most significant vehicle driving advice for beginners is to have a calm and peaceful state of mind. This is the key to driving with confidence. As a result, while you are driving in India amongst pools of automobiles, try to keep extraneous thoughts and fears at arm’s length.

Always obtain a good sense of the vehicle you are about to try to drive. Improve your understanding of the vehicle’s control system, brakes, steering style, how to change gears, and clutch plate location in order to maintain control.