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Journey of MSDS - Where we are, Where we are going

Our inception

Maruti Suzuki Driving School (MSDS) was established in the year 2000 with our first driving school being set up at

Where we are

Since its inception, MSDS has trained more than a million individuals. As of 2019, Maruti Suzuki Driving School has more than 475+ driving schools and is now present in more than 200 cities across the country. During the last five years alone, more than 5 lakh people have received training.

Maruti Suzuki Driving School has also been passionate about empowering women. 46% of the individuals who received training from MSDS have been women.

Thanks to expert trainers who are associated with MSDS, the trainees are able to understand about road culture, defensive driving, Good Samaritan Law, traffic laws, etc. The courses offered by MSDS are scientifically designed and customized training is offered keeping in mind that every individual’s need is different.

MSDS also manages seven IDTRs (Institute of Driving and Traffic Research) all across the country in partnership with respective State Governments. These institutes play a key role in setting driving standards as well as ensuring quality training to aspiring drivers.

Where we are going

By 2020, MSDS aspires to train more than 15 lakh individuals. It plans to expand its driving school network to . MSDS also plans to hire more trainers. These trainers will continue to undergo rigorous driving training and complete refresher courses regularly.

Maruti Suzuki Driving School vs. Others

With more than 475+ driving schools across the nation and having trained more than a million individuals since the last decade and a half, Maruti Suzuki Driving School has already proven itself to be the leading driver training institute in India. MSDS has embarked on a mission to redefine the road culture in India. However, this is easier said than done. In 2017 alone, close to 1.5 lakh individuals died in road deaths across India. To put this number in perspective, it is equivalent to the entire population of Shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya. Even though India has been a signatory to the Brasilia Declaration and has committed to reducing road fatalities by half, our country hasn’t been able to reduce the number of road accidents. Over-speeding, improper actions of drivers and overtaking are some of the leading reasons for road fatalities. These can be easily avoided by imparting the right type of training.

Driver safety is of utmost importance at the driving school, and before we get you in front of the steering wheel, we ensure that you have a strong foundation in road safety and road culture. Let us check out some salient features of MSDS: -

Know your car, know the law

More than 4 000 individuals were killed in 2016 because drivers had either jumped the red light or had jumped lanes. While most other driving schools in the country neglect classroom sessions, our comprehensive course lays as great an emphasis on theory as it does on the practice of handling and maintaining a vehicle and maintaining traffic decorum. The course gives you an in-depth understanding of the vehicle and the best way to maintain it, about traffic laws as well as knowledge about insurance policies and claim settlements.

World-Class Facilities

Maruti Suzuki Driving Schools operate in an environment of ample space which enables the students to avail various facilities. There are spacious classrooms, the latest driving simulators as well as areas for students to practice different forms of parking. The simulators mimic real-time traffic and enable you to experience tricky driving conditions such as extreme weathers, including fog and snow. Our instructors are experienced as well as qualified and most importantly passionate about the cause of defensive driving

Structured Teaching Methodology

As soon as they enrol, students are given a joining kit which includes a progress card. The beginners’ course is a 21-day course which covers 21 hours comprising 7 hours of theory, 2.5 hours of simulation and 10 hours of practical. These are taught simultaneously which enable students to appreciate the importance of different components. Exams are conducted at the end of the course so that students are clear about the fundamental theory and well-versed with the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Students are also given a handbook which outlines rules and responsibilities for drivers.

An unmatched on-road experience

With only one trainee per car and a fleet of training vehicles to choose from, our on-road training includes practical lessons most driving schools fail to touch upon.

Happy to help

At the Maruti Suzuki Driving School, we are always just a phone call away for our students. Whether it is to reschedule a class or to request driving assistance, our 24x7 open line means our customers are always heard.

Presenting the Maruti Suzuki Driving School

With an aim to help India become good at driving, Maruti Suzuki India Limited introduced the Maruti Driving School in 2005. By offering a structured and contemporary driving skill program, the school has trained more than 1.3 million learners, turning them into confident and responsible drivers. Keeping up with the latest digital advancements, Maruti Suzuki has chosen to reintroduce the driving school with a new focus and with new values to ensure that the experience you get during the learning program is in line with modern trends.

Who we are

The Maruti Suzuki Driving School is not just about teaching people how to drive. It is about creating an experience fuelled by innovation, forward thinking, and a commitment to bring the very best of driving ethics and practices to the roads. Thanks to Maruti Suzuki Driving School, the country’s need for driving is slowly changing into a love for driving. Maruti Suzuki Driving School offers highly experienced trainers, best-in-class technology, and premium training modules to ensure that the learners get nothing but the best.

The Pillars that Define Our Vision

The brand values of Maruti Suzuki Driving School guide every function and interaction of the brand and showcase the consistently caring, reliable and welcoming personality of the brand.

  • Caring and Reliable: Taking forward Maruti Suzuki’s long-standing legacy, we will always assure that the customers can count on us, every time.
  • Expertise: This signifies the constant advancements made by Maruti Suzuki Driving School to cater to customer needs.
  • New Age Progressive Tech Enabled: As a brand, we are equipped with the technical know-how needed to deliver the best learning experience to all learners in terms of technology as well as design.

With a focus on bringing excitement in learning, Maruti Suzuki Driving School is going beyond traditional boundaries and transforming the way you learn to drive.



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